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The decision to implement an electronic medical record (EMR) is one of the most important you will make for your practice.

Clinical Insights understands this process can be daunting for providers. Our vendor-neutral approach to EMR implementation is comprehensive and customized to the unique needs of your practice. We carefully guide our clients through each step of the process – from assessing your specific needs, to ensuring meaningful use of your EMR.

Clinical Insights step-by-step approach to EMR implementation includes:

Step 1:
Defining and assessing EMR needs

Step 2:
Objectively selecting an EMR vendor

Step 3:
Determining technology needs, including hardware and network upgrades

Step 4:
Assessing workflows and redesigning processes for optimal patient outcomes and enhanced efficiency

Step 5:
Conversion and migration of data into EMR system

Step 6:
Providing reasonable training and implementation plans including extensive onsite training for providers and staff

Step 7:
Launching the EMR system – or “go live”

Step 8:
Interfacing with lab

Step 9:
Digitizing all paper charts

Step 10:
Achieving meaningful use of EMR

The “$44,000 to $65,000” question: What is meaningful use?

Simply put, the term “Meaningful Use” is a set of objectives that providers must demonstrate when utilizing their EMR to qualify for government financial incentives. The overall goal of MU is to use EMR/EHR to:

  • Improve the coordination of patient care
  • Reduce disparities in healthcare
  • Engage patients and their families
  • Monitor and improve population and public health
  • Ensure adequate privacy and security

Clinical Insights has helped our clients to successfully achieve meaningful use of their EMR system upon implementation. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help your practice answer the “$44,000 to $65,000” question.