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Consulting Services

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The healthcare industry is undergoing momentous changes. Every year brings new developments, requirements, technologies and challenges.

consulting-contentWe offer a number of consulting services designed to help medical practices cope with the rapid pace of change:

  • EMR selection and implementation – we have implemented EMR in a number of practices with good outcomes.
  • Practice management – we work with our clients to redesign workflows, improve efficiency and productivity, and implement best practices.
  • Compliance programs – we have been helping clients comply with federal and state regulations for years, starting with our work at HIPAAssociates, a HIPAA consulting firm.
  • Information security – we are certified in information security to keep your and your patients’ data safe, secure, and available.
  • Provider incentive programs – we have worked with hundreds of providers to help them take advantage of various quality and reporting programs and earn bonus incentives.
  • Staff training – we train providers and staff to enable them to take full advantage of the many functions within electronic medical record systems.
  • Managed care contracting – our experience negotiating multimillion dollar insurance contracts, combined with providing revenue cycle management services, gives us unique insight into how managed care contracts can be made to work for you.
  • Clinical research – we bring our reporting expertise to bear in clinical research, from recruiting patients for studies to analyzing data, making sure that each clinical trial is a success.